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Hello Guys!

So how are you.I’m always fine.so I found lot’s of cheats in JAK3 in one whole week.



Here are them.

dissapearing ship when in it

You complete the game and get a zoomer in haven city and go to the metal head nest place where you get your last dark jak move go to the place it leads to ( not mountain temple)and go low hover to go through the hole go high and get your peace maker out and shoot the guys that come out of the big hole and some on the ground and fly in high hover zone and stop over the hole then wait a bit and the ship you are in will dissapear and you will fall into the hole.

Falling flyin taxi glitch

In the mission “reach the percorser core” you can fall of the edge and there                                                   
Will be bombs that is you hit you explode. In the beggining of the mission there 
Will be a half pipe lookin thing, so in the middle of the fist and second bomb 
And in air try to balence the car so it doesnt explode when comes in contact 
With the pole. If you don’t blow up you will fall of the edge and there will be 
Bombs.   That is the falling flyin taxi glitch 

Kill Almost everyone in sight with blaster gun

When you run out of light eco or dark eco to do a special move you can kill everything coming at you.Just jump press 0 then R1 immmediatly sending 15 shots at each metal head,guard,or KG Robot.

Fly Forever

First of all, you’ll need 50 precursor orbs after you beat the game.Then go to secrets in the start menu and buy Unlimited Light Jak.Then start the game and use Light Flight.When you start flying after the first flap press 0 then x,0,x,0,x etc.When you use this cheat you can fly over walls and go to places you never went to before.

Massacre in the Desert City

Shoot a citizen in the Desert City (i forgot what it’s called)and then hide behind another person. They will shoot the guy your hiding behind, he will shoot back, miss sometimes and cause a Massacre!!!


Take the blue ship thing to haven city if not there already then go to the other half of the city that doesn’t look like junk and when you enter go till you get to the first two turns go right then you will see a a little bridge that goes to a door, go in the door you will go down a elevator then go back up the elevator then go to the fountian in haven city on a bike or car and it will be gone now you can drive over it and go anywhere you want.

flying car

Well I found out a cool cheat sort of thing well get the dune hopper(if unlocked)then you can do two things if your good at the game get enough orbs for thecheat unlimited turbo and the other one is kill enemy cars to get the turbo then get in the dune hopper then press L1(jump)then R2(boost) or R2(boost)then L1(jump) then your car goes turbo in the air flys into the sky at high speed try it out thanx

glitch flying jak stupid car and leaper on the water!

Ok I will be telling you how to do weird stuff that are a mix of glitchs and hacks so you want to know…….? Well the first is jak fly glitch (you first should complete the last time you go to monk temple so you have angle jak and I really think you should complete the game first and then try this). Now to make jak fly and go where ever you want you have to press xx then o in the air and then back and forth xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and he will keep flying where ever you want. Just don’t try to get the wings and go over the force filed and fly to the precurcers or elece you will die when you get to the top. Also don’t press xx oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo…. Really fast or you will go down more then you will up. I really don’t want you to this glitch because it’s dumb take out the desert screamer and drive it close to the vehicle that takes you to heaven city get out of the car and use light jak to freeze time and then take out the gun that uses no gravity and press it then get this gun I don’t remember the name of it but press up twice and load it to full (hold in r1) then blast it and get in the vehicle that goes to heaven city (you must do this fast while it’s in freeze time or it wont work). Now it will show yellow and you’ll be back in the desert but jak wont be in his car get out ( it will still be consintrated on the car) and start shooting and it will make tthe noise but no shots are fired. Now the leaper glitch is easy go to the gunner get on a lizard leaper and press xx square when your about to land in the water now you can walk on the water with your leaper have fun glitching.

That’s all I know for now,find more and tell you                      


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