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More Cheats

Once again we met,right?.and here are some more cheats of JAK3.

A Little Help!

If you wanna walk around the Wastland (desert) or ride around on the Jetboard. But hate getting lost? Just leave your vehicle at the Entry! It leaves a brown dot on the mini-map.

an even higher jump then before

This one goes even higher then the triple jump(X+X+O). Hold L1, press X, and at the top of the jump press O(L1+X+O).

Another good vehicle

When you do the mission where you have to protect Kleiver’s place, you can use the dune hopper because it can blow up the enemys really fast!                                                                  

best combo of melee/melee shot

melee first punch than jump than ground punch than spin    

melee attack with gun do melee attack than at end of spin shoot the second yellow gun it is very good as second yellow gun bullet bounce of walls

Best Vehichle

When you get to the misson where you have to protect the place where you get the vehicles from Kleiver, you should pick the Sand Shark, the other one won’t cut it, (If have a; Heat Seeker, Slam Dozer or any other ones, choose a vehicle that has rapid fire, like the sand shark

bouncy jak

every time u hit the ground press square+tringle

Dark Jak Powers


Dark Bomb works best on Metalheads

Dark Blast works best on humans and robots

Dark Strike works well on everything!!! 

Easter Egg

At the Desert, when you’re “Racing For Artefacts”, one of the artefacts is the triangle found on the table of Clank’s Apartment in Ratchet & Clank 2.

Easy Hang Time!!!

Just use the Light Jak Time Freeze for the hoverboard. The time will still move but really slowly.

Easy win on Hang Time challenge

In the mission when you must get a high hang time. In stead of doing it the standard way by using jumps in your buggy, get out of you buggy and use the mass invertor it will get you an automatic gold in total hang time (you may have to use the gun more than once) and single hang time.

Extra Free Time

First when you are Jak in the sand shark trying to rescue the people suck in the storm drive for five seconds then crash go to start menu and click on restart. Normally you would have 1:30 to do this mission but now you will have 2:37. 
Also if your character blows up from no power and needs health and you reappear and have to start over, no problem it will still be the enhanced time. This is probably a glitch so it may not work for every one but for those it does work I’m happy I could help you out.

Fast Race

When you get the Dune hopper, go to the Oracle beside the race. Enter the race with the Dune hopper. Start Charging a jump. When you get to the closest turbo to the cave, use a turbo and jump to the other side. If done correctly, you shoud be infront of the cave exit.

Final Boss Tip

When facing off against the final boss, it would be wise to use the first form of the blue gun. Hold down fire, and spin in circles to easily eliminate the standing tentacles.

Funny Glitch

What you do is find a 1 Seater Zoomer,stand underneath it(so the get on command shows up on screen), Take out your Peace Maker, and QUICKLY shoot it and get on the Zoomer, if you do it correctly, you either fly left or right, or you go straight up, allowing you to go OVER the walls if you aim right.

Orbs near the naughty ottsel

Go to haven city. go to the area with the naughty ottsel. travel to one of the small islands that has the big question mark(it’s the question mark that let’s you do a side mission.) jump on the question mark. if you look up and right a bit you should see some pipes. Change in to light jak with L2+x and double jump while pressing forward. you should now be close to the pipes. you may wish to swap back to normal jak. make your way to the top using the pipes. when at the top there should be a lot of crates used by the guards. brake them if you wish as there are orbs in some of them. press R2 to hop on the jetboard. go towards some wires that are near by and grind down them. on your way down there will be orbs on both wires and you will have to swap from one to the other to recieve them all.

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